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Are aliens among us?

Are aliens among us?

The most popular question is, are aliens among us? On June 24 1947, Kenneth Arnold, an American Aviator and

Are aliens real?

The most popular question is, are aliens among us? On June 24 1947, Kenneth Arnold, an American Aviator and a businessman, was flying near Mount Rainer in Washington state. He was searching for a transport plane that had gone missing in the area. He ended up seeing something extraordinary and strange. A series of nine unusual objects flying in a V formation. He estimated the speed to be 2700 kilometres per hour, three times faster than any aircraft at that time.

Are aliens among us?
are aliens real?

He said they were moving side to side, occasionally flipping and darting around and looking like saucers skipping on water. The news of the sightings hit the US media, the pilot of all the makings of a reliable witness. Still, the details of the observations were Twisted media reports said he had encountered flying saucers. This was perhaps one of the most extensive myth quotes in history, but Flying Saucer became a household name in America.

Soon everyone was scanning the skies for flying saucers reports started coming in from all over the world. There were nearly 853 flying disc sightings in 1947 alone. And they grew with time; this Obsession turned into pop culture and became fodder for Hollywood films, which link the Phenomenon with aliens.

Now we call them UFOs, unidentified flying objects. Are they indeed extraterrestrial controlled by visitors from another world? These questions have haunted our imaginations for decades. We may now be one step closer to finding an answer. NASA is getting severe about UFOs. The new chief of Americans asked scientists to investigate the existence of unidentified flying objects.

This comes exactly one year after the US Department of Defense released three Declassified videos they show. U.s. Navy Pilots encountering what appeared to be UFOs. It was the first time the Pentagon formally acknowledged the existence of such videos.

Now lawmakers from all stripes are pushing hard for answers, but Republicans Democrats, who agree on almost nothing, have set aside their differences and are asking in one voice. What exactly is all the unexplained stuff flying in the air space? A pentagon report on this should be out any day now? NASA has promised to find some answers. Let’s tell you what we know, starting with the object itself.

What are UFOs and unidentified flying objects?


A term that the US Air Force coined in 1953. They used to describe any aircraft they could not easily identify or explain. This term is relatively new, but the concept dates back millennia. People have reported seeing strange lights and objects flying through the skies for thousands of years. The first known mention is from 440 BC in ancient Egypt, when the scribes of Pharaoh Thutmose, the third reported fiery discs floating in the skies. In 218 BC, the Roman Republic recorded several sightings of phantom ships gleaming in the sky in Christianity.

There’s a painting depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which shows two UFOs at the top corners. Neither of the pilots has a halo around them, which discards the possibility of being Divine beings. And in India, the earliest reference goes back to ten-thousand-year-old rock paintings found in the Bastar region of Chattisgarh.

Archaeologists Say these pain Paintings depict UFOs like those shown in films. These references and pictures prove that UFOs have fascinated humanity since ancient times, but there’s no evidence to suggest that they belong to otherworldly beings.

Hollywood obsession on Aliens

Are aliens among us

It’s just a paradigm that some of us have real fully embraced. And when I say some of us, I mean Hollywood, it has always loved aliens because there’s money in Aliens. Silver Screen, saucers makes good content.

They sell tickets, even more when they’re placed in real-life contexts. In the 1950s films, like “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, “channel The Cold War Paranoia” today, the movie is like Men In Black, Independence Day, and The Avengers are used to depict the scourge of global terrorism in some film, aliens and UFOs are considerate.

They come in peace. In some others, They come to annihilate the human race. They make a good cinema. No doubt, but they’ve also sensationalized the topic to such an extent that most people have started believing that aliens are visiting us.

Where do these most people live? In the United States of America, in a 2019 Gallup survey, 33% of American adults believe that aliens and UFOs have been visiting Earth and another study in the same year. Nearly 50 per cent said that successive American governments have been hiding something about UFOs.

Reporter: President Obama said that footage and records of objects in the skies. What do you think?

Joe Biden: I would ask him next time.

How many Americans have seen a UFOs?

according to America’s national UFO Reporting Center? There have been at least ninety thousand sightings since 1905, with an average of six sightings per day and some of them at the same time in the same place. On October 31 2004, 77 people reported seeing a UFO in Chicago, Illinois, September 19, 2009, 75 People reported seeing a UFO in Burlington, New Jersey. Interestingly, most of these sightings happen on weekends and at a time when most people were believed to be drunk.

Americans have seen a UFOs?
Americans who have seen a UFOs

We are not suggesting that everybody was drunk, but the timing and the rate of alcohol consumption, the states they were reported in, is often used to reject the claims. So what did these people see? In those cases, What they believed were:

  • UFOs turned out to be planes.
  • Clouds.
  • Weather balloons.
  • Celestial events like meteors and planets seemed unusually bright.

Most of these can be scientifically explained. And yet, there are some unresolved mysteries in 1954, a football match in Florence. After unidentified objects were spotted above the stadium; tens of thousands saw something in the sky. What was it? Most testimonies say it looked like an egg-shaped object, which glittered as it fell from the sky.

Then in 1966, around 350 children and teachers at a school in Melbourne, Australia. So five planes around a silver, Flying Saucer. The aircraft tried to hurt the object for 20 minutes before it disappeared. Now. These were just a few examples. There are many, many more, and a French UFO research group says that three and a half percent of all UFO sightings remain unidentified and defy All explanations 3.5% is not a small figure, especially not when you look at the kind and scale of investigations that have been carried out to find answers.

Investigation on UFOs


America has conducted a total of twelve government-funded investigations on unidentified flying objects

  1. Project Blue Book
  2. Project Drudge
  3. Project server
  4. Project sign
  5. Project Silverback

The United Kingdom has carried out secret studies into UFOs,

  • The Flying Saucer working party
  • The project condign

The Soviet Union had dedicated an organization to investigate UFO, sightings Institute 22, its function for 13 years. Now, besides the fact that they all got suspended, what’s common between all these probes is that all of them concluded that UFOS are supposed to exist, and there is no evidence to suggest that they’re hostile. Some said they could probably be extraterrestrial beings that have no interest in making contact with humans. Some others said that they were made by humans who have learned how to manipulate the laws of physics and are yet to reveal their intentions.


These were all suggestions. None of the probes could find out precisely who And what was operating these objects. So here’s the thing, the universe, as we know, is unfathomable. It stretches some 93 billion light-years. It has two trillion galaxies, each shining with billions of stars and dotted with more planets than you could count. Given all of this, It seems unlikely that we are alone.

Yet we found nothing to suggest otherwise scientists and real scientists have spent a lifetime searching for signs of other civilizations. And some concede that you’ve got the cosmos to ourselves. Some highly doubt that’s the case, but none of them has said aliens are visiting us in UFOs. And even if they were, they won’t be. So considerate to pass by stadiums and rooftops on weekends.

But then again, good science takes time. And the human desire for scientific advancement is insatiable. This month, a group of international scientists soon discovered links between galaxies. Hidden ridges are made up of Dark Matter. They’ve even built a map on understanding how these Bridges were. That’s the figure out how to navigate this map. But perhaps we’ll be able to see if any UFOs are passing through until then.

Read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fabulous book, the funniest piece of Science Fiction ever and let’s assume that aliens are benevolent beings, Perhaps already living among humans trying to play peek-a-boo with their UFOs.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Awesh Kumar
Awesh Kumar

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