How does climate change affect us

How does climate change affect us?

How does climate change affect us? There is something that is changing just as fast in our world. The Earth's average temperature has risen

why is climate change important?

Time passes by really quickly. Doesn’t it? There is something that is changing just as fast in our world. The Earth’s average temperature has risen over 1.2 degrees Celsius since the 19th century; 2020 was the hottest year on record. The World Meteorological organization calls It the second hottest; Greenland lost 152 Gigatons of ice between September 2019 and August 20; How does climate change affect us?

1 Gigaton of water can fill 400,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools, water 152 times that amount has been added to our oceans while the ocean surface rose so did its temperature in 2020, 80 percent of ocean areas experienced, at least one Marine Heat Wave. Half Of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is either dead or dying, and the Atlantic hurricane season witnessed 13 named storms between June 1, November 30. That’s the highest number ever recorded.

Asia and Africa saw heavy rainfall and flooding. It’s a vicious cycle, you know, this diagram. It’s called the water cycle.

water cycle
water cycle

It represents how water from the surface of the Earth evaporates, then condenses into clouds and precipitates back to Earth in the form of rain and snow, you know, like the snow in Spain, beautiful. Except it’s scary. It’s not supposed to snow in Madrid, but it did this year.

When our Earth heats up, droughts are prolonged, ice melts more rapidly, more water evaporates into the atmosphere, and the Earth receives more than usual rain, thus flood and extreme weather conditions. Most of us think the effects of climate change are limited to those living near oceans or the polar bears in the Arctic or those living under thatched roofs or animals and birds, Not us. What we don’t realize is that climate change affects all of us. It makes us late for work. It affects our coffee, the food we eat, our Healthcare.

Effects of climate change on the environment

If you live in any of these cities, they are likely to be underwater by 2050; 145 million people lived three feet or less above the sea. Level nearly 800 million people, less than 30 feet above sea level. Suppose Greenland’s entire thin ice sheets turn. It could add 20 feet, the height of global seas; 11 megacities could be underwater Jakarta, Los Angeles, Manila, Mumbai, Osaka, Shanghai, Tokyo, most of Florida and New York would be submerged.

How does climate change affect us
How does climate change affect us?

And you may not be living in these cities. But do you like coffee climate change is making you pay more for coffee. The rising temperature has put your morning cup at risk. The price of coffee has increased by 20%; coffee is drawn in over 50 countries across South America, Central America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa. Colombia is the world’s top Arabica producer.

Nine out of ten farmers in Risaralda are experiencing rising temperatures. Three out of four farmers are reporting more prolonged droughts as a result. The early production in the Colombian coffee region calls Zona Cafetera is fluctuating up to 40%. India’s. Arabica’s output touches the lowest since 2008. Vietnam is the world’s largest producer of Robusta coffee, your instant coffee by 2050. Drought would hit 90 percent of Vietnam coffee production areas; sixty percent of the known coffee species are on the edge of Extinction.

Climate change is drinking up your coffee. The Supply chain has been hit; you may not be living in these threatened cities. You may not be a fan of coffee either. But do you like to fish? It is an essential source of protein for 3.2 billion people worldwide; fish provides 17% of the world’s animal protein. A report shows that rising temperature puts the Pacific salmon at risk; young salmon die; when the water warms above a certain threshold.

Floods have been flushing salmon eggs and destroying their nest. Then there are toxic algae Blooms nurtured by extreme weather; in 2019, 8 million Farmed salmon were killed, the estimated loss, 82 million dollars. The same year, the Indian state of Maharashtra witnesses the lowest catch ever. Fisheries have seen a 50 percent decline in their annual catch Cyclones and narrowing fishing Windows, and fish depend heavily on the Marine algae.

They are disappearing because of the rising sea temperatures. Phytoplankton or Marine algae Population has decreased by 20% in the last six decades. In the Western Indian Ocean alone, it has reduced 30% in the previous 16 years.

Effect of climate change on human health

You may neither live in these submerging cities nor do you consume coffee or fish? But do you care about your health? COVID-19 has made us very health conscious. Our wristwatches have been replaced by Health bands, soft drinks by Health drinks. The gym is a new hangout, but none of this is going to help. None of it will keep you healthy as long as our planet is suffering. Climate change is the greatest threat to human health—rising temperature results in dehydration, hypothermia, heat strokes in extreme cases, even Death.

How does climate change affect us
How does climate change affect us?

Rising temperatures Park wildfires, the Flames killed people and contribute to air pollution, which results in asthma, Bronchitis. 2013 was the year of China’s airpocalypse researchers found that in 74 Chinese City’s air pollution was associated with at least one-third of the deaths. Now, let’s say you do not care about any of the above. Do you work for a living? Do you go to work?

Climate change is making you spend more time commuting to work than you usually should. Severe weather is causing delays to half of the commuters at least once a month; 2020 was defined by extreme weather; it saw the hottest January on record. The hottest May and September Australia, Siberian, California, saw a record wildfire. Jakarta received the highest daily rainfall since 1866. The Atlantic generated record Stones, and there were seven forests fires; one and a half million people were struggling for water.

How does climate change affect us
Antarctica melting

In may the Super Cyclone Amphan hit India and Bangladesh? It was the costliest tropical cyclone on record; two million people were evacuated. The 129 killed in July Bangladesh has flooded again; 550 people were killed nine point six million people were affected across Asia.

Climate change globally

In August China Megacity, Chongqing was put on its highest flooding alert since 1981; in the same month, California saw record fires more than four hundred and five thousand hectares of land was gutted in nine days. Pakistan saw its wettest august in history; 2020, September was the hottest on record, in October the UK saw its wettest day on paper, in November the  Philippines was caught off guard by typhoon gone; It was one of the strongest storms in history; At least 1 million people had to be evacuated. In the Nicaragua hurricane, Iota triggered flooding and landslides. Somalia was hit by a cyclone Gotti; in December, Bush fires began in Australia.

How does climate change affect us
How does climate change affect us?

Once again, say you do not live in any of these countries or the megacities under threat. You neither like coffee nor do you eat fish. You do not care about your health, either. You do not have to commute to work every day. But do you care about your money? Climate change is taking a toll on your purse. Heatwaves and droughts are connected to rising food prices. Climate change is also connected to your electricity bill. The hotter the temperature outside, the more you tend to use fans and air conditions; the colder it gets

More, you use your heater; 93% of people across 244 American cities say that they had seen an increase in the number of days when they required extra cooling, and you will have to pay more for water. The moment there’s a shortage of Supply. Bolivia, the second largest lake, has almost dried up. Iran’s largest lake has all but disappeared. Africa’s Lake Chad has shrunk 80 Percent in 30 years; climate change is threatening your beer, damaging your homes and making home insurance more expensive, disrupting outdoor exercises, and travel leaving us with no coral Reefs and bleaching. Climate change is affecting your menstrual cycle.

It is making you break out. Do you still believe in climate change? Does not affect you personally. 

And all I can say is reread this blog and repeat until you see the point.

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