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The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect is a name and concept formulated by American meteorologists and mathematician Edward Norton Lorenz in the 1960s. The theory states

What is the butterfly effect?

The butterfly effect is a name and concept formulated by American meteorologists and mathematician Edward Norton Lorenz in the 1960s. The theory states that a tiny change in the starting condition of an event, such as the flutter of an innocent butterfly soaring through the sky, can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of an event, like causing a tornado on the other side of the world or less drastic, Caused the plane to experience turbulence.

The butterfly effect
The butterfly effect

Edward first popularized the butterfly effect after running a weather forecast through a computer using precise variables and realizing that just a slight alteration of Any Given calculation, such as wind speed, temperature, or humidity, caused a dramatic influence of the following two months worth of simulated weather prediction. But this is by no means just the case with the weather. But every single event thought and outcome ever of having happened. This is why you did not read the title wrong, and I did not get you with clickbait. This blog will impact the outcome of your life in ways you probably never thought until you learned about the butterfly effect.

So, how can we relate and physically see this? But like I said, every single event, in reality, is a result of a past action. Still, there are some examples that we’ll reminisce all of us because the action started was so small, and it’s had such a devastating or positive outcome on all of our Lives. Let’s take a look at a few of those “the butterfly effect” examples.

How could WW1 have been prevented?

WW1 have been prevented

WW1 was an event that changed the course of all of our lives, but what if the world war never took place? Well, that, in theory, could be equally as damaging because another more devastating War may have broken out. But just what if? Well, it’s been theorized that if somehow a war did not happen there. Of course, would it be no World War Two, No Hitler rising to power, no 60 plus million deaths? And fast forward Many years Theory suggests, That there would be no tension with the Middle East, No Taliban and, no Al-Qaeda, to name a few.

But many say World War I was destined to happen, and they’re probably right. World War has a combination of many things, but it can be narrowed down to a tiny event that, if altered, could have changed his course entirely. And that was the wrong turn and the stalling of a car, a car that was carrying the Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand.

You see, on the morning of June the 28th, 1914, Franz’s car was attacked with a grenade, which failed to hit the target but instead, injured passengers are the car behind later that day Franz wanted to visit those wounded by the blast and lost on route, the driver of his car made a wrong turn down the Street.

Standing outside a car on this same Street was 19-year-Old Serbian Gavrilo Princip, one of the men involved in the attack on Franz that morning. He spotted the car had stalled while trying to turn around in the road ran over and short Franz and his wife dead.

If not for the wrong turn made by Franz’s car, He would not have been shot. If he is not in the shot, Austria-Hungary would not have declared war on the home country of the man who shot him, which caused Germany to declare war on Russia, followed by France and Belgium, causing the UK to declare war on Germany, starting World War One.

Had friends Not been assassinated, World War I would never have happened that way. It may not have been prevented, but it indeed would have started to differently, potentially changing its outcome. All because a car took a wrong turn and stalled in the middle of the road.

How the death of Adolf Hitler could change WW2?

adolf hitler taboo talks
Adolf Hitler

Well, some subjective world wars, you may have heard before. That one Pull of the trigger Could have prevented World War Two and the death of over 60 million people. Henry tandey, a British soldier, allegedly bumped into Adolf Hitler in a French village in 1918. When a wounded Hitler walked into his line of fire, Henry decided against shooting him before young Adolf nodded at him and walked away.

Had he shot him, Adolf would not have been the driving force behind WWII, and it’s anyone’s guess what would have happened? WWII would have indeed been different, and it may or may not have started, which may have been better, or for worse because that would have had a knock-on effect on your ancestors who may never have met. Because WWII never took place or had a different outcome resulting in you never being born.

But think about this, if Henry had pulled the trigger, although war may have started, 60 million people may not have died. So, think out in the 60 million who died, they could have gone on to have children, some of which could have been the next Einstein or world-changing visionaries. All because one man decided against pulling the trigger.

What if JFK didn’t wear a back brace?


This one is interesting ‘the butterfly effect’ and its quite popular because if JFK had not been assassinated, who knows what the outcome would have had on the United States. Well, what if it could be traced back to when he was around 20 years old, that’s if you chose to do something different on one particular day. He would not have been killed all those years later. You see, in 1940, 23 years before he was assassinated.

He had an accident playing sports, which is thought to be the driving force behind his never-ending struggle with back pain. If not for the back pain, he would not have worn a back brace. If he had not been wearing a back brace on the day, He was assassinated. He would have slum or fallen after the first non-fatal shot hit him. But instead, he stayed upright because of his back brace, allowing his body to be positioned perfectly for a second shot.

Many experts have all agreed, If not for the back brace resulting from years of low back pain fueled from this sporting accident, many years previously. JFK would have been able to duck the way after the first shot, and the second fatal shot wouldn’t have been feasible.

Other significant events

9/11 attack
9/11 attack

Take the hands of people who are late for work on the morning of 9/11. All the facts that Seth MacFarlane missed his flight because he was drunk the night before preventing him from being killed that day, which would have been the end of Family Guy, and the millions of hours spent by people watching that show would have been spent doing something else which would have resulted in a different outcome for those people.

¬†Take Elise O’kane, a United Airlines flight attendant. She mistyped her flight schedule into the airline’s computer system before 9/11, which in turn led to her not being on her original scheduled flight 175. Take the fact that the US Space shuttles to side Thruster Rockets had to be made a smaller size because they pass through many tunnels during transport. Tunnels made 2,000 years ago and were built up a time, just fit the width of two horses carrying a chariot.

As someone puts it, one of the most complicated and groundbreaking pieces of Machinery in history had to be designed to fit around the decision made 2,000 years ago. Take this and the hundreds of personal scenarios. You can think of relating to events that happened in your life, and you wonder how things could have been different, For Better or For Worse, if one little piece had been taken away.

What if I have changed your life?

Taboo Talks
Taboo Talks

If my parents had never met, I would never have been born. If I was never born, the two years spent reading my blogs but millions of people who have changed the outcome of the world in some way or another would never have happened. Sure. Everyone would have done other things in that time or read other blogs. Still, because it would have been different, maybe less or more time spent reading different conversations with people or different thoughts, a different outcome would result depending on which blog you read. Now, this is a question.

I do often ask myself. I wonder if someone is sitting and reading one of my blogs that prevented them from, maybe going outside and getting into trouble, or that maybe those five minutes spent reading one of my blogs or anywhere else blog. Many had something in common with a person that led to them dating and potentially starting a family down the line. Now I am not the cause of that or taking any credit for a scenario like that. But we are all here to serve a purpose one way or another.

And we all seem to shape each other’s lives and a lot more than we think. And when you learn more about this, you assume to come to realize, as I explained, why the title of this blog is not clickbait. The minutes you’ve spent watching this video have changed the outcome of your life and, in turn, the lives of millions of others.

Because of your actions today, we’ll be different. Some, maybe instant tiny things that happened today or this week, but in time, what happens today, will have a snowball effect on the direction of your life, which in turn can and will have a significant effect on everyone’s life around you. But what does all this mean?

While your life is precious and results from billions of events that have led to your existence and the billions more that will become your future. So go after that project. You’ve always wanted to ask that person out because ten years down the line, you may have started a family with them. I never underestimate the small actions you make because they can have an enormous outcome on not Only your life but potentially the lives of so many people for years to come.

So if you ever thought your life didn’t matter, believe me, it does.
Awesh Kumar
Awesh Kumar

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