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Who created the Taliban? America, Pakistan, or India?

Who created the Taliban? America, Pakistan, or India?

Who created the Taliban? America, Pakistan, or India? This week we saw a humiliating final act in the American experiment on Afghanistan

How America formed the Taliban?

This week we saw a humiliating final act in the American experiment on Afghanistan, US military planes took off to Kabul as hands of desperate afghan try to latch on them, we saw videos of them scaling on the walls to escape; we saw horrifying videos of bodies falling on the tarmac. We saw parents handing over their children to strangers. The world hangs his head in shame, but in Washington, there is no sign of remorse. who created the Taliban?

Who created the Taliban? America, Pakistan, or India?
Who created the Taliban?

Interviewer: we could handle this situation better in any way with no mistakes.

President Bidden: we can go back and look, but the idea is somehow, there is a way to get out without chaos and suing, and I don’t know how that happened.

Why Taliban is so powerful?

It’s a cold-hearted betrayal, one that should weigh heavily on American consciousness because this unfolding tragedy is a collective failure shared by generations of US presidents, policymakers, and military commanders. They helped create the monster of the Taliban, and after 20 years of failing to control it, they have unleashed it back on the people of Afghanistan.

The role of America in supporting warlords was the Mujahedeen, who ultimately went on to form a Taliban. In Dec 1999, when the cold war is at its peak, the Soviet Union tries to invade Afghanistan under the pretext of upholding a soviet- Afghanistan treaty of 1978. America could not help but fling itself into the conflicts and support the Afghan Mujahedeen to save Kabul for its interests.

America with Taliban
Who created the Taliban?

At that time, the American people were completely unaware that their government, together with secret services MI6, has begun training and funding Islamic extremists, including the man who destroyed the twin tower in New York, Osama Bin Laden, make it a conspiracy theory.

In 2005 British foreign secretary Roobin cook himself admitted in writing that “Osama bin Laden was a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security forces” that he was armed by the CIA and funded by the western American allies to fight the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

So, the US helped Osama Bin Laden and his fighters, and the western media praised his operations. Around the same time, the concept of jihad or holy war found its way into the global lexicon.

The media portray Soviets as christens who are trying to defy Islam. The term mujahedeen broadly translate into an Islamic struggle, a struggle bank role by Americans who want to convert Afghanistan into Soviet Union Vietnam. As for Soviet occupation, it lasted for decades, and throughout this period, the CIA kept expanding its program, Code name operation Cyclone.

Washington funded millions of money to mujahedeen with the help of Pakistan.

1980$30 million
1985$250 million
19987$630 million

History of America with Taliban

Afghanistan and the US peace deal
Afghanistan and the US peace deal

In March 1995, President Reagan praised Afghan fighters and formerly decided to switch its strategy and began providing mujahedeen with anti-aircraft missiles. Pakistan ISI controls the distribution and transport of these weapons into the war zones. They would arrive at the port of Karachi and taken to the post in Rawal Pindi and smuggled across Afghanistan.

By 1989 by the last soviet soldier walk out of Afghanistan, America had funneled $20 billion into Afghanistan in arms and ammunitions. When the cold war ended, and with it, America’sAmerica’s appetite for funding, the mujahedeen ended.

The country becomes a massive picture of chaos. Mujahedeen factions work together till the Us supported them. When the US left, they started fighting each other, and civil war followed and destroyed most of Kabul. From this civil war emerge a young group of mujahedeen in Kandahar. They portrayed themselves as an army of robbing hoods for restoring peace and justice. They call themselves Taliban.  

Taliban meaning Students

They moved to Pakistan to study Islamic seminaries, and the US played no direct role in the formation of the Taliban. But the Taliban flourished due to the environment created by the Americans, and there is no denying this, an environment that justifies the cause of Islamic extremists.

They relied on this group to create peace and wipe out corruption; this allows the Taliban to gain power and implement sharia laws. Here, things went downhill and took the Taliban to Stone Age, and the US, who helped to create the monster, watched on. It woke up when terror struck home.

How Taliban formed in India?

Taliban’s ideology came from a Deobandi Islamist religious-political movement, and the origins are from Deobandi Uttar Pradesh.

Darul Uloom Deoband
Darul Uloom Deoband

Deobandi is an Islamic revivalist movement within Sunni (primarily Hanafi) Islam that formed around the Darul Uloom Islamic seminary in  Deoband, India, where the name derives from, during the late 19th century. So basically, Indian town is the seed for the ideology of the Taliban. The Taliban identified themselves as part of a Sunni school of thought that had its origins in the late 19th century colonial period of India’s history.

Deoband, where the original madna or seminary of the movement was founded in 1867. Many Taliban had indeed studied in Deobandi schools, but one spokesman for the movement in its final months went so far as to declare “Every Afghan is a Deobandi.” Taliban defines themselves as students of Deoband founder of Taliban Mulla Omar, a graduate from Dar Uloom Haqqani.

Deoband Madrasa, founded in 1866, opened Madrasa in India, and all around the world, people were trained under them. Their religious Law is implemented without government that is Sharia Law with the culture of Fatwa. Around 15 to 20 percent of Pakistan’s population is from Deobandi ideology, and many leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan were studied in Deobandi Madrasa.


Taliban: Islam, Oil, and the Great New Game in Central Asia

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