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History of LGBT in Ancient India

When we talk about ancient India, we are talking about a culture that has only preached spirituality. This nation is now depicted as narrow-minded

History of LGBT

When we talk about ancient India, we are talking about a culture that has only preached spirituality. This nation is now depicted as narrow-minded and discriminating, but this discrimination is seen after the British and Mughal Empire. Before that India has one religion, which had no name or specified culture, but for the sake of the modern era, let us call this Sanatan Dharam or Hinduism. Sanatan Dharam never discriminated against any gender age this Religion has only seen your inner self, your Spirituality, which leads to Yoga. 

Yoga was for everyone never Discriminated against Gender or Age. However, does that mean Ancient India knew and accepted LGBT during those times? Well, this is still a matter of perception. I do not think so no era ever was open-minded and welcoming, every era had some flaws and Blind spots.

However, if we look back and read out written scriptures Like Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, etc. we can read many stories, which depict the acceptance of not Male and females but also the LGBT community.

Those times no line divided male and female, people were open-minded and never thought of nature had some flaws and can make an error. The things which are seen as Unnatural or taboo were just another way of seeing nature’s creation.

Old scriptures stories

Entities range from social to scientific and from Imaginary to Mathematical. No way of looking at the world that has been excluded leads to the making of Vedas and Puranas.

  • We have Stories like Narad Muni Falling into a pound and emerging from it as a Woman.
  • Another Story like Lord Shiva who wanted to dance with Lord Krishna turned into a woman. 
  • The Most Famous of all Story, which we can recall from our childhood is the Story of Samudra Manthan. A great battle between Devtas and rakshas battle to churn out the Elixir of immortality. When the Elixir emerged out it was argued how will it be divided among each of them? This leads to the Birth of Mohini, Lord Vishnu took an avatar as Woman a beautiful Woman who was known as Mohini who divided the Elixir between the Rakshhas and Devtas.
  • One temple in the south the Sabrimala temple for Lord Ayyappa. Lord Ayyappa was the son of Lord of Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
  • The very Divine whom the whole Hindu religion sees as a symbol of Union of male and female Ardhanarishvara. The Ardhanarishvara is a composite form of the Hindu deities Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati

Many stories in the history of LGBT depict knowledge and acceptance of the LGBTQ Community those times LGBTQ was never a different Community all humans were seen only as Spiritual Beings.

Homosexuality in ancient India

Ancient Indian texts are relevant to modern LGBTQ causes. Religion has contributed to shaping Indian customs and traditions. While injunctions on homosexuality’s morality are not explicitly mentioned in the religious texts central to Hinduism, the largest religion in India, Hinduism has taken various positions on the topic, ranging from containing homosexual characters and themes in its texts to being neutral or antagonistic toward it.

ancient india LGBT  kamasutra sculpture
History of LGBT

The ancient Indian text Kamasutra written by Vatsyayana dedicates a complete chapter on erotic homosexual behavior.

  • A temple that is famous for its nagara-style architectural symbolism and its erotic sculptures. Has also shown Erotic sculptures of men and Erotic sculptures of women this also shows that the nation was known and open about the Homo- sexuality 
Kamasutra book
One of the great classics of erotica, the Kamasutra is renowned for its detailed advice on love and lovemaking

History of LGBT- Conclusion

So, one way to understand these stories is to appreciate that in ancient India Lines dividing male from female and heterosexual from Homosexual was blurred, these deals were told without guilt or shame and are common by any means where do these stories stem.

They have their roots in Indian metaphysics in a where all manifestations of the divine are said to exist there is space not only for men and women but also for men with a Women’s heart and women with man’s needs.

Masculinity and femininity are only label applied to bodies being occupied by eternal souls the Hindu view of the world has been friendly toward ways of being and seeing in Bhagwat Gita Lord Krishna tell Arjuna not to be arrogant he tells him that there is much more to this universe than the human mind can fathom. Though the human mind creates boundaries reality is diverse.

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