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quota available to the LGBT

Should India make a quota available to the LGBT community?

The quota system introduced in India because of the caste system and discrimination against the "Dalits". Quota available to the LGBT community

Why was the quota system introduced in India?

The quota system was introduced in India because of the caste system and the discrimination against the “Dalits” or the Lower Cast Community. India started imposing quotas on all lower caste communities. So, should India make a quota available to the LGBT community?

quota system available to LGBT
Quota system available to LGBT

Before entering into the conclusion, let us understand more terms as this subject is not simple and cannot be understood easily without understanding the story behind it. 

History of Discrimination in India

To understand the history of discrimination, let’s define cast, which is the basis of discrimination in India.

Cast system
Cast system

The caste system divides Hindus into four major categories: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. Many think that the groups come from Brahma(the Hindu God of creation). But Hindus never used the word “cast” until the Portuguese entered Goa.

Caste System was never in our Nation; it was known as Varna System; the Four Varnas Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras were not in Ladder form. The Varana system gave these names according to the profession of a person. Even the child of Vaishya can be a brahman if he contains the knowledge of the universe and no one was limited to education.

Brahmin was never on the top. Brahmins were only respected as they knew about the universe and spirituality. Kshatriyas were a class of warriors, and Vaishyas were traders, and a Shudra was the one that did all odd jobs. But this doesn’t mean they were ever discriminated; a Shudras can become a Brahmin or Kshatriya if they work upon themselves and transform. During these periods, there were no restrictions.

The Portuguese knew this, and they knew that they could only govern us if they erase our knowledge and divide us. Thus, they began the Caste system and changed many terms in Manusmriti.

When the British imposed on us English, this led us to believe that the Varna system is ladder-shaped and that brahmins are at the top and Shudras at the bottom. Dalit manusmriti have never been part of our religion.

How this related to LGBTQ Discrimination?

lgbt quota system

It was a seed of discrimination; the Britishers so brainwashed us that whatever was told by them, we took that as a Gospel. Now, when the British used section 377 on us, we began discrimination against LGBTQ people.

Quota to the lower cast

lower cast

After Independence, when the constitution was formed, to uplift the lower castes, they were given a quota for ten years, but then extended till whenever felt is the right time. But it’s been more than seventy years of Independence, but still, discrimination is in the roots of our Nation.

On the other hand, the quota is discriminatory against the general quota category. Youth is unemployed, and Nation’s growth getting lower and deserved candidates are not getting jobs, so they leave the country and work with the other countries. This has led to a high Brain drain. The quota is never the solution, whatever the discrimination.

Should the quota available to the LGBTQ community?

quota available to the LGBT
Quota available to the LGBT

Now, the question becomes whether we need to add another community to the quota allocation list. I (Uday Singh) believe that no generous benefits will solve the problem and proper education is essential.

Let the whole nation study equally and let them compete after their education. This will lead to a lower brain drain, and this will also give one step towards uplifting the LGBTQ community. Sharing rights Education about our past and providing equal opportunity to everyone, and ignoring Gender, caste creed, and culture.


If we think like this, we need another community and divide them by giving them quota will never solve the answer to discrimination. But we need to provide them with proper welcoming and to read the old scriptures and have the appropriate knowledge about the different communities.

We will be able to understand that they were never different. Still, they are part of one life source with different bodies. Every human being has three things in standard Brain, heart, and soul. These things should be the basis of understanding human beings. We should never divide no matter what the situation is rather than keeping one thing in mind that “Nature’s mother womb has all possibilities, Nature has no flaws or error, Nature doesn’t discriminate Nature gives souls to every being with different values.”

Annihilation of caste
Annihilation of caste
‘Annihilation of Caste’ was self-published and immediately became the eye of a storm. Radically against the Brahmanical caste system and Hinduism, it argued for a society based on equal opportunities for all.

Uday Singh
Uday Singh

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